Thursday, May 31, 2007

026. Rabbits usually live in burrows.

1.Rabbits usually live in burrows.
(A) bushes
(B) groves
(C) brush woods
(D) holes

2. There is always a bustling crowd at the station.
(A) hustling
(B) leisurely
(C) ambling
(D) dawdling

3. The queer boy becomes the butt of his friends' jokes.
(A) snoop
(B) target
(C) butler
(D) burglar

4. The reasoning he presented was not strong enough to buttress up his argument.
(A) banish
(B) support
(C) calculate
(D) categorize

5. The taxi driver bypassed the main street.
(A) rushed through
(B) detoured
(C) chagrined
(D) chuckled

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