Thursday, May 31, 2007

025. Once he reaches a decision, he won't budge.

1. Once he reaches a decision, he won't budge.
(A) make up his mind
(B) change his mind
(C) follow suit
(D) stay

2. The box was so full that the sides bulged.
(A) swelled
(B) sank
(C) hollowed
(D) hallowed

3. The student living away from home often received bulky parcels his parents sent him.
(A) large
(B) small
(C) petty
(D) puny

4. Don't try to bully him into doing anything he doesn't like to do.
(A) coax
(B) cajole
(C) deceive
(D) intimidate

5. The enemy's bulwark was woefully undermanned.
(A) bastion
(B) dugout
(C) dam
(D) bungalow

6. The two cars bumped with a great crumpling of fenders.
(A) bundled
(B) buckled
(C) bubbled
(D) collided

7. He is so clumsy that he bungles anything he does.
(A) botches
(B) buffets
(C) fixes
(D) repairs

8. She buoyed up his hopes with promises.
(A) deceived
(B) encouraged
(C) deflated
(D) discouraged

9. The number of people moving to big cities is burgeoning.
(A) increasing
(B) decreasing
(C) waning
(D) declining

10. Dick is a burly fellow.
(A) surly
(B) sturdy
(C) studious
(D) frail

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