Thursday, May 31, 2007

023. Her friend sent her a bouquet of spring flowers

1. Her friend sent her a bouquet of spring flowers.
(A) boulevard
(B) bounce
(C) bosom
(D) nosegay

2. You ought to brace yourself for the task.
(A) give up
(B) strengthen
(C) braid
(D) break

3. The voters don't think very much of the braggart politician.
(A) boastful
(B) selfish
(C) egotistic
(D) self-centered

4. He who brandishes the sword will perish by the sword.
(A) flourishes
(B) sells
(C) breeds
(D) brews

5. The brash adolescent has a long way to go to learn lessons.
(A) ignorant
(B) reckless
(C) naive
(D) green

6. Windows and furniture were broken in the barroom brawl.
(A) bawl
(B) bowl
(C) brat
(D) fight

7. The blacksmith has brawny arms.
(A) muscular
(B) lanky
(C) skinny
(D) scrawny

8. His behavior was a gross breach of good manners.
(A) violation
(B) observance
(C) expectation
(D) bribe

9. To live in a more harmonious society, everyone has the obligation to bridle his temper.
(A) restrain
(B) ventilate
(C) vent
(D) advent

10. That magazine is brimful of good ideas.
(A) drained
(B) exhausted
(C) stark
(D) full

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