Thursday, May 31, 2007

022. In his anger, he blurted out the whole story.

1. In his anger, he blurted out the whole story.
(A) blatted ; uttered
(B) hid
(C) concealed
(D) buried

2. A cowardly bully often blusters.
(A) blunders
(B) intimidates
(C) fusses
(D) budges

3. The cart was stuck in the bog.
(A) lake
(B) brook
(C) well
(D) swamp

4. Look at those boisterous children.
(A) sober
(B) somber
(C) sedate
(D) noisily cheerful

5. The children bolstered their morale by singing.
(A) buoyed up
(B) deflated
(C) annulled
(D) abrogated

6. The market is booming.
(A) declining
(B) reclining
(C) waning
(D) prospering

7. Parks are a great boon to people living in big cities.
(A) blessing
(B) nuisance
(C) urbanity
(D) rigor

8. John is proud of his vocabulary boost.
(A) increase
(B) bust
(C) control
(D) request

9. Bootlegging is against law.
(A) robbery
(B) crime
(C) stealing
(D) smuggling

10. She is a woman of bounteous nature.
(A) niggardly
(B) scant
(C) sparse
(D) generous

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