Thursday, May 31, 2007

021. They call the scenic spot Blithe Dale.

1. They call the scenic spot Blithe Dale.
(A) cheerful
(B) cheerless
(C) bleak
(D) despondent

2. Blizzard is expected this winter.
(A) hail
(B) snowstorm
(C) tornado
(D) frost

3. The prospective promotion has bloated his ego to an alarming degree.
(A) blighted
(B) swelled up
(C) blinked
(D) reduced

4. A blockade was enforced as soon as an accident took place.
(A) bane
(B) bandage
(C) barricade
(D) banister

5. His involvement in the corruption has become a blot on his character.
(A) blow
(B) blush
(C) stain
(D) blister

6. The cop holding a bludgeon was walking down the street.
(A) cudgel, club
(B) stick
(C) helmet
(D) whistle

7. The grocer bluffed the robber with a unloaded gun.
(A) deceived; fooled
(B) killed
(C) bled
(D) blemished

8. To avoid making social blunders, you have to be familiar with norms and mores.
(A) boors
(B) bums
(C) bulwarks
(D) errors

9. Time blunts the edge of sorrow.
(A) dulls
(B) sharpens
(C) poises
(D) pokes

10. Bias blurred him to the truth.
(A) dimmed
(B) brightened
(C) illuminated
(D) ascribed

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