Thursday, May 31, 2007

020. They met with a problem that posed a bilateral difficulty...

1. They met with a problem that posed a bilateral difficulty.
(A) single-sided
(B) two-sided
(C) insoluble
(D) tough

2. The frost made bizarre figures on the windowpanes.
(A) normal
(B) mangy
(C) strange
(D) regular

3. A bland smile is always welcome.
(A) pungent
(B) gentle
(C) brusque
(D) blank

4. The boys blandished their parents into taking them out.
(A) brandished
(B) coaxed
(C) besought
(D) threatened

5. The trumpet blared, announcing the King's arrival.
(A) sounded
(B) blazed
(C) glowed
(D) glared

6. Cursing God is blasphemous.
(A) sophisticated
(B) irrelevant
(C) joking
(D) sacrilegious

7. He made a blatant error.
(A) trivial
(B) modest
(C) obvious
(D) inconspicuous

8. This year they'll have a bleak winter.
(A) balmy
(B) austere
(C) agreeable
(D) mild

9. One single evil deed may blemish a good name.
(A) blend
(B) blink
(C) injure
(D) bleach

10. All his hopes were blighted.
(A) shattered
(B) enflamed
(C) restored
(D) rekindled

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