Thursday, May 31, 2007

019. The councilman berated the mayor in the meeting...

1. The councilman berated the mayor in the meeting.
(A) acclaimed
(B) tongue-lashed
(C) commended
(D) lauded

2. Nothing can bereave us of such sweet memories.
(A) increase
(B) deprive
(C) appeal
(D) invoke

3. The criminal finally besought mercy.
(A) begged
(B) forsook
(C) abdicated
(D) abjured

4. For ten years the Greeks besieged the city of Troy for the sake of Helen.
(A) surrounded
(B) besmeared
(C) besmirched
(D) bespattered

5. She deserved all the praises bestowed upon her.
(A) donated
(B) conferred
(C) bereft
(D) attested

6. Coffee, tea, wine, beer, and milk are beverages.
(A) ambrosia
(B) nectar
(C) drinks
(D) junk

7. Almost every author has a biased estimate of his own book.
(A) impartial
(B) prejudiced
(C) fair
(D) neutral

8. Man and wife tend to bicker over small things.
(A) argue
(B) negotiate
(C) concur
(D) harmonize

9. The employee wanted to ask a raise but bided his time until the right moment.
(A) overlooked
(B) awaited
(C) hastened
(D) dawdled

10. John is a bigoted young man.
(A) broad-minded
(B) narrow-minded
(C) liberal
(D) berserk

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