Thursday, May 31, 2007

018. His pleasant ways beguiled everyone...

1. His pleasant ways beguiled everyone into thinking he was a good man.
(A) confirmed
(B) belated
(C) begrudged
(D) deceived

2. The volcano belched smoke and ashes.
(A) behested
(B) erupted
(C) battered
(D) bated

3. President Carter has been beleaguered with problems at home and abroad.
(A) behooved
(B) besieged
(C) pleased
(D) straightened

4. He is in a bellicose mood.
(A) gentle
(B) moderate
(C) temperate
(D) quarrelsome

5. The minister made a belligerent reply to a diplomatic note.
(A) pacific
(B) bellicose
(C) amicable
(D) conciliatory

6. When summer comes, the sun is no benediction here.
(A) disaster
(B) catastrophe
(C) cataclysm
(D) blessing

7. All the children in the neighborhood will be the beneficiaries of the new playground.
(A) benefactors
(B) profiteers
(C) receivers
(D) belles

8. They organized a benevolent club to help the underprivileged.
(A) malevolent
(B) malicious
(C) charitable
(D) niggardly

9. Everybody likes the benign old lady.
(A) kind
(B) acrid
(C) acrimonious
(D) malignant

10. One age bequeaths its civilization to the next.
(A) destroys
(B) hands down
(C) annihilates
(D) decimates

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