Thursday, May 31, 2007

017. Drink has become the bane of his life.

1. Drink has become the bane of his life.
(A) badge
(B) ruin
(C) bandit
(D) benediction

2. She was advised to banish fear a anxiety.
(A) cherish
(B) cast out
(C) bind
(D) harbor

3. The pilferer started to run away and barged into a passer-by.
(A) bumped
(B) buzzed
(C) jumped
(D) bantered

4. The announcement was met with a barrage of protests.
(A) barn
(B) burst
(C) barometer
(D) baroque

5. What is the use of such a barren discussion.
(A) arable
(B) verdant
(C) unfruitful
(D) fertile

6. Ancients used to barter one thing for another.
(A) buy
(B) sell
(C) exchange
(D) banister

7. Taiwan is one of the strongest anti-communism bastions in the world.
(A) bulwarks
(B) batches
(C) batons
(D) pools

8. The baby bawled and kicked when its bottle was taken away.
(A) cried
(B) bit
(C) struck
(D) chuckled

9. There is a beacon on the hill to warn of danger.
(A) cesspool
(B) beak
(C) bead
(D) lighthouse

10. The merchant sent his ships wherever profit beckoned.
(A) signaled
(B) anguished
(C) abdicated
(D) agitated

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