Thursday, May 31, 2007

016. Silly people often babble on about trivia.

1. Silly people often babble on about trivia.
(A) affirm
(B) confirm
(C) conform
(D) talk nonsensically

2. A babel of voices was heard from a schoolroom window.
(A) clamor
(B) singing
(C) harmony
(D) reticence

3. The soldier's scar on his forehead is a badge of courage.
(A) emblem; token
(B) stigma
(C) disgrace
(D) shame

4. The puzzle baffled everybody.
(A) illuminated
(B) confused
(C) enlightened
(D) delighted

5. The small industry will be bailed out by the government's timely loan.
(A) baited
(B) extricated from difficulties
(C) backbitten
(D) abandoned

6. We don't like his baleful looks.
(A) sinister
(B) auspicious
(C) benign
(D) propitious

7. The police balked the gangster's plan.
(A) thwarted
(B) ignored
(C) overlooked
(D) capitulated

8. The ignorant voter spoiled his ballot.
(A) vote
(B) banknote
(C) certificate
(D) diploma

9. We felt fine when a balmy breeze brushed by.
(A) irksome
(B) vexatious
(C) pleasant
(D) annoying

10. What he said was simply a banal remark.
(A) original
(B) trite
(C) zesty
(D) stimulating

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