Thursday, May 31, 2007

015. The actress received an avalanche of letters

1. The actress received an avalanche of letters.
(A) a few
(B) a great many
(C) not too many
(D) several

2. His avaricious disposition led him to downfall.
(A) proud
(B) slothful
(C) greedy
(D) gluttonous

3. The child has a strong aversion to hard work.
(A) liking
(B) predilection
(C) propensity
(D) antipathy

4. Young people tend to be avid of new experiences.
(A) averse to
(B) desirous of
(C) indisposed to
(D) indifferent to

5. The merchant said that he could avouch for quality.
(A) renounce
(B) denounce
(C) guarantee
(D) impugn

6. It is axiomatic that a whole is greater than any of its parts.
(A) ludicrous
(B) self-evident
(C) oblique
(D) wrong

7. The azure lake is so poetic.
(A) green
(B) blue
(C) drab
(D) anachronistic

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