Thursday, May 31, 2007

014. Science has somewhat attenuated illusions.

1. Science has somewhat attenuated illusions.
(A) expanded
(B) augmented
(C) swelled
(D) deflated

2. The child's good health attests his mother's loving care.
(A) warps
(B) proves
(C) belies
(D) garbles

3. The queen wore rich attire.
(A) slacks
(B) sweater
(C) clothes
(D) stockings

4. Pebbles become smooth by attrition.
(A) friction
(B) contrition
(C) contriteness
(D) remorse

5. Audacious behavior will be frowned upon.
(A) wary
(B) discreet
(C) circumspect
(D) reckless

6. His income has been augmented
(A) attenuated
(B) atrophied
(C) thwarted
(D) increased

7. His father looks august.
(A) feeble
(B) imposing
(C) emaciated
(D) weak

8. The trade exhibition was held under the auspices of the city government.
(A) sponsorship
(B) opposition
(C) objection
(D) affray

9. Her father is an austere person.
(A) benign
(B) bland
(C) severe
(D) flamboyant

10. The document bears an authentic signature.
(A) genuine
(B) flat
(C) fleeting
(D) spurious

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