Thursday, May 31, 2007

013. Jane is the most articulate of the sisters.

1. Jane is the most articulate of the sisters.
(A) dumb
(B) equivocal
(C) eloquent
(D) shy

2. Doubts and fears can assail the strongest.
(A) beat
(B) encourage
(C) buoy up
(D) hearten

3. Our soldiers made an assault upon the enemy's trenches.
(A) retreat
(B) tie
(C) attack
(D) truce

4. She learned to speak English by assiduous practice.
(A) haphazard
(B) slovenly
(C) slothful
(D) industrious

5. Food is assimilated and converted into organic tissues through a process known as metabolism.
(A) absorbed
(B) burdened
(C) sniffed
(D) abdicated

6. The incident assuaged his passions.
(A) alleviated
(B) aggravated
(C) augmented
(D) exacerbated

7. He performed an astounding feat of magic.
(A) pleasing
(B) astonishing
(C) miserable
(D) dumping

8. Many a lawyer is astute.
(A) ingenuous
(B) obtuse
(C) arid
(D) shrewd

9. You should atone for hurting her feelings.
(A) forget about
(B) make amends for
(C) remember
(D) awaken

10. The atrocity of the Nazis will long be remembered.
(A) cruelty
(B) policy
(C) blitz
(D) blizzard

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