Thursday, May 31, 2007

011. King Alexander was given the appellation " the Great. "...

1. King Alexander was given the appellation " the Great. "
(A) praise
(B) stigma
(C) name
(D) loyalty

2. Forestry appertains to geography, to botany, and to agriculture.
(A) yields
(B) belongs
(C) appoints
(D) succumbs

3. A personnel manager should be able to appraise ability and character.
(A) denounce
(B) estimate
(C) deny
(D) degrade

4. The mother had the strongest apprehension about her son's health.
(A) omen
(B) fear
(C) apprentice
(D) confidence

5. You should apprise the office of your temporary leave.
(A) appraise
(B) inform
(C) request
(D) cherish

6. The parents ought to know how to express their approbation of their children's progress.
(A) censure
(B) commendation
(C) irritation
(D) reprehension

7. It is apt to be cool late in the evening.
(A) likely
(B) inept
(C) indisposed
(D) disinclined

8. Here is Taiwan we use our arable land intensively
(A) barren
(B) sterile
(C) bleak
(D) cultivatable

9. You had better correct your arbitrary attitude.
(A) legitimate
(B) despotic
(C) circumspect
(D) judicious

10. The scholar uses a lot of archaic words.
(A) antiquated
(B) novel
(C) fashionable
(D) academic

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