Thursday, May 31, 2007

010. Milk can serve as an antidote for some poisons...

1. Milk can serve as an antidote for some poisons.
A) anthem
B) remedy
C) anthropology
D) antecedent

2. Some people have a strong antipathy to modern art.
A) affection
B) predilection
C) aversion
D) preference

3. These antiquated notions should be erased.
A) radical
B) premature
C) old-fashioned
D) modernistic

4. Don't be apathetic toward people's suffering.
A) alert
B) insensible
C) vigilant
D) receptive

5. The manager has reached his apex of career.
A) ebb
B) acme
C) bottom
D) downfall

6." The style is the man himself " is an aphorism not always true.
A) sarcasm
B) warning
C) maxim
D) zenith

7. An expert in one field will often show an appalling ignorance in other fields.
A) fondling
B) glorifying
C) culminating
D) shocking

8. That publication was said to be a Communist espionage apparatus.
A) tool
B) aperture
C) antithesis
D) apothecary

9. When spring comes, gay apparels are every seen.
A) birds
B) animals
C) leaves
D) clothes

10. Appeasement often brings blackmail.
A) exasperation
B) conciliation
C) aggravation
D) vexation

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