Thursday, May 31, 2007

009. The soul animates body...

1. The soul animates body.
(A) curbs
(B) curtails
(C) thwarts
(D) enlivens

2. Little animosity exists between classes in our society.

(A) friendship
(B) amity
(C) goodwill
(D) enmity

3. Matter cannot be annihilated
(A) renewed
(B) invigorated
(C) destroyed
(D) fortified

4. The contract was annulled.
(A) renewed
(B) announced
(C) annunciated
(D) abrogated

5. Time is an anodyne of grief.
(A) soothing agent
(B) irritant
(C) stimulant
(D) energizer

6. Scientists often make anomalous findings.
(A) logic
(B) abnormal
(C) customary
(D) natural

7. Writing an anonymous letters is an irresponsible deed.
(A) identified
(B) unnamed
(C) anointed
(D) black-mailing

8. The two royal families are antagonistic.
(A) hostile
(B) friendly
(C) amiable
(D) auspicious

9. An anthology of sacred music was recently published.
(A) prose
(B) essay
(C) dissertation
(D) collection

10. All the children were amused by the clown's antics.
(A) songs
(B) laughters
(C) pranks
(D) griefs

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