Thursday, May 31, 2007

008. There is amity between the two nations...

1. There is amity between the two nations.

(A) good-will
(B) animosity
(C) strife
(D) contention

2. It is controversial whether amnesty should be granted to those criminals.

(A) penalty
(B) punishment
(C) reward
(D) pardon

3. You have ample time to do your job.

(A) meager
(B) sufficient
(C) sparse
(D) scant

4. The amplitude of the parking lot in front of the supermarket is amazing.

(A) straitness
(B) size
(C) compression
(D) narrowness

5. Born centuries too late, the scholar was anachronism in modern urban society.

(A) misdated person
(B) fop
(C) snob
(D) chic

6. It is risky to argue by analogy.

(A) similarity
(B) dissimilarity
(C) distinction
(D) disparity

7. Complete anarchy followed the breakdown of communications.

(A) order
(B) felicity
(C) stability
(D) chaos

8. Most children enjoy listening to anecdotes of great men's childhood.

(A) catastrophes
(B) disasters
(C) tales
(D) accidents

9. To administer anesthetic requires utmost caution.

(A) anodyne
(B) penicillin
(C) addiction
(D) animation

10. The patient's whole frame quivered with anguish.

(A) pain
(B) pleasure
(C) ecstasy
(D) elation

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