Thursday, May 31, 2007

007. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc...

1. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.

(A) fission
(B) fuss
(C) separation
(D) mixture

2. Rewards allure men to confront danger.

(A) elude
(B) attract
(C) allude
(D) estrange

3. We heard some remarks in allusion to his misconduct.

(A) slight mention
(B) illusion
(C) praise
(D) ailment

4. The plane is flying at a great altitude.

(A) speed
(B) alacrity
(C) stability
(D) height

5. To give away alms is an altruistic deed.

(A) selfish
(B) egoistic
(C) niggardly
(D) charitable

6. To amble along the willow bank is an incomparable delight.

(A) alight
(B) gallop
(C) joy
(D) saunter

7. The government is trying to ameliorate workers' condition.

(A) impair
(B) improve
(C) mar
(D) deteriorate

8. The amenity of his manners is irresistible.

(A) hostility
(B) agreeableness
(C) antagonism
(D) amigo

9. The meeting ended on an amiable note.

(A) surly
(B) crabbed
(C) impetuous
(D) agreeable

10. The negotiators joined in amicable discussion.

(A) bellicose
(B) belligerent
(C) pugnacious
(D) friendly

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