Thursday, May 31, 2007

006. The patient is in agony...

1. The patient is in agony.

(A) suffering
(B) repose
(C) rest
(D) peace

2. Sometimes agrarian disputes are hard to settle.

(A) industrial
(B) political
(C) of land
(D) academic

3. It's simply a minor ailment.

(A) mistake
(B) blunder
(C) question
(D) disease

4. Pity is often akin to love.

(A) related to
(B) different from
(C) alien to
(D) foreign to

5. The retarded child moved with alacrity.

(A) quickness
(B) slowness
(C) hesitation
(D) dilatoriness

6. The dog is always alert.
(A) listless
(B) lively
(C) languid
(D) indolent

7. The troops aligned.

(A) attacked
(B) retreated
(C) triumphed
(D) lined up

8. Her fears were allayed by her mother's consolation.

(A) aggravated
(B) worsened
(C) mitigated
(D) aroused

9. To become a citizen, you must swear allegiance to the United States

(A) disaffection
(B) treason
(C) loyalty
(D) infidelity

10. Heat often alleviates pain.

(A) intensifies
(B) augments
(C) cures
(D) mitigates

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