Thursday, May 31, 2007

006. He has not visited us in a long time...

1. He has not visited us in a long time.
(1) an eagle eye
(2) the end of the road
(3) donkey's years
(4) a flying visit

2. The effect of a volcanic eruption on the environment can be devastating.
(1) moderate
(2) harmful
(3) common
(4) complimentary

Julie has finally dealt seriously with her alcoholism. She is seeking professional help to kick the habit.
(1) come to grips
(2) got on a strike
(3) got hitched
(4) risen with the lark

She was unable to control her emotions and actions when it was announced that she won the first prize.
(1) was caught red-handed
(2) got burned up
(3) had cold feet
(4) got carried away

5. Lily has the ability to speak freely and easily.
(1) gift of the speech
(2) gift of the lips
(3) gift of the mouth
(4) gift of the gab

Andy eats very quickly and noisily all the food on the table.
(1) gobbles
(2) gargles
(3) swallows
(4) navigator

If the project does not take place, we shall turn up another project.
(1) falls out
(2) calls for
(3) falls through
(4) gets by

Although he has lost his wallet, he is not brooding over it.
(1) laughing it off
(2) looking into it
(3) writing it off
(4) abiding by it

9. I will repeat my explanation if you do not understand it the first time.
(1) rekindle
(2) retry
(3) reiterate
(4) relive

I have paid as part of a larger sum 10% of the purchase price for the washing machine.
(1) deposited
(2) withdrawn
(3) saved
(4) invested

Shirleen was chosen to be the person in charge of money in the Rotary Club.
(1) treasurer
(2) chairman
(3) banker
(4) secretary

The place where dried plants are collected is destroyed by a recent flood.
(1) hatchery
(2) nursery
(3) herbarium
(4) park

13. If she does not pass the driving test, all her efforts will be wasted.
(1) go down the drain
(2) go places
(3) go off
(4) go over her head

Do not let these drugs gain control of your life.
(1) foothold
(2) footnote
(3) footage
(4) footloose

The shorthand typist demands a pay raise from her boss.
(1) programmer
(2) stenographer
(3) secretary
(4) civil servant

Wandy appeared as bashful as a schoolgirl when her boss prised her in front of her colleagues.
(1) proud
(2) fresh
(3) shy
(4) lively

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