Thursday, May 31, 2007

005. The gambler was afflicted with debts...

1. The gambler was afflicted with debts.

(A) consoled
(B) agonized
(C) buoyed
(D) solaced

2. America is an affluent nation.

(A) abject
(B) impoverished
(C) acquisitive
(D) wealthy

3. The boy affronted the teacher by making a face at her.

(A) impressed
(B) offended
(C) delighted
(D) gladdened

4. All he desired was to aggrandize his estate.

(A) expand
(B) diminish
(C) dwindle
(D) swindle

5. Grief aggravated her illness.

(A) appeased
(B) tranquilized
(C) extenuated
(D) intensified

6. The ill-intentioned aggregation was dispersed by the police.

(A) gathering
(B) disintegration
(C) solo
(D) constituent

7. The new teacher stood aghast at the students' lack of discipline.

(A) acceptant
(B) tolerant
(C) lenient
(D) horrified

8. One needs an agile mind to solve the puzzles.

(A) lively
(B) sluggish
(C) lethargic
(D) inert

9. The mind of man is agitated by various emotions.

(A) lulled
(B) quieted
(C) soothed
(D) provoked

10. Will Durant is an agnostic.

(A) deist
(B) pagan
(C) ascetic
(D) one who believes that nothing is known about the existence of God

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