Thursday, May 31, 2007

004. They voted to adjourn the meeting

1. They voted to adjourn the meeting.

(A) further
(B) advance
(C) expedite
(D) postpone

2. John admonished his brother against being late.

(A) tolerated
(B) commended
(C) warned
(D) approved

3. We all adore Charlie Brown.

(A) execrate
(B) loathe
(C) abominate
(D) love

4. Robin Hood was said to wear a hat adorned with feathers.

(A) embellished
(B) disfigured
(C) spoiled
(D) maladjusted

5. The workman is adroit in handling machinery.

(A) green
(B) dexterous ; skilled
(C) awkward
(D) clumsy

6. The politician enjoys public adulation.

(A) flattery
(B) abuse
(C) denunciation
(D) reverence

7. The advent of spring makes the birds hilarious.

(A) detriment
(B) arrival
(C) benediction
(D) joviality

8. A courageous man smiles in the face of adversity. (A) misfortune ; distress

(B) felicity
(C) affluence
(D) feat

9. Some parents advocate keeping the children at school as long as possible.

(A) disfavor
(B) dissent
(C) recommend
(D) advert

10. An affable countenance is pleasing to everybody.

(A) avaricious
(B) surly
(C) taciturn
(D) amiable

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