Thursday, May 31, 2007

003. Are we living in an acquisitive society?

1. Are we living in an acquisitive society ?

(A) charitable
(B) self-denying
(C) greedy ; covetous
(D) developed

2. The tonic had an acrid aftertaste.

(A) palatable
(B) delicious
(C) savory
(D) bitter

3. The dispute was renewed with increasing acrimony.

(A) civility
(B) bitterness
(C) urbanity
(D) curiosity

4. The merchant is noted for his business acumen.

(A) keenness
(B) honesty
(C) stupidity
(D) obtusity

5. A bad tooth may cause acute pain.

(A) blunt
(B) sharp
(C) dull
(D) obtuse

6. According to an old adage on Wall Street, the stock market can deal with good news and bad, but it cannot tackle uncertainty.

(A) saying ; proverb
(B) time
(C) novice
(D) neophyte

7. The stoic was adamant to temptations.

(A) unyielding
(B) pliable
(C) bending
(D) vulnerable

8. The boy is addicted to stealing.

(A) given up
(B) weaned from
(C) detached from
(D) adapted to

9. The reporter is adept in newswriting.

(A) poor
(B) skilled
(C) maladroit
(D) numb

10. The brothers built on adjacent lots.

(A) distant
(B) remote
(C) neighboring
(D) permanent

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