Thursday, May 31, 2007

002 .It never pays off to abrogate the defense treaty

1. It never pays off to abrogate the defense treaty.

(A) establish
(B) uphold
(C) annul
(D) bolster

2. Beware of the abrupt turn in the road ahead.

(A) laggard
(B) easy
(C) sudden
(D) leisurely

3. The doctor advised the patient to abstain from smoking.

(A) do without
(B) be absorbed in
(C) go with
(D) admit of

4. No one could solve such an abstruse problem.

(A) complex
(B) lucid
(C) abstemious
(D) absurd

5. Defeated, the ex-champion fell into the abyss of despair.

(A) firmament
(B) ecstasy
(C) gulf
(D) paradise

6. To accelerate growth, they work harder than ever.

(A) speed up
(B) retard
(C) accede
(D) hamper

7. Without an accomplice the burglar could not have broken into the house.

(A) foe
(B) confederate
(C) servant
(D) trivia

8. The gentleman was accosted by a beggar who demanded money.

(A) greeted
(B) overlooked
(C) shunned
(D) outraged

9. The manager has reached the acme of his career.

(A) ebb
(B) apex ; peak
(C) base
(D) downfall

10. All the members acquiesced in his resignation.

(A) assented to
(B) disagreed with
(C) balked at
(D) dissented from

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