Thursday, May 31, 2007

001. Nothing could ever abash him

1.Nothing could ever abash him.

(A) please
(D) infuriate

2. The doctor gave him some medicine to abate his pain.
(A) increase
(C) augment

3. The king abdicated the throne in order to marry a commoner.

(A) grabbed
(B) usurped
(D) retained

4. A rich kid was abducted yesterday.
(A) rescued
(C) killed

5. The young man stole the money in a moment of aberration.

(B) conformity
(C) anecdote
(D) sanity

6. We abhor a traitor.
(A) admire
(C) respect
(D) revere

7. A good citizen abides by law.

(A) violates
(B) removes
(C) shifts
(D)adheres to

8. We don't force anyone to abjure his religion.

(A) adopt
(B)give up
(C) cherish
(D) abduct

9. Grace has abominable taste in clothes.

(A) graceful
(C) delightful
(D) classy

10. His garden abounds in beautiful flowers.

(A)teems with
(B) lacks
(C) abhors
(D) abdicates

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