Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 1. Pleased to meet you


1 Greetings - 2. Introductions - 3. Simple Sentences - 4. Personal Pronouns - 5. THAT and THIS - 6. Adjectives
Anne, a wine dealer from Singapore, arrives at Adelaide Airport and meets her local buyer, Sarah.

Anne walks out with the other passengers...

ANNE Excuse me...

SARAH Anne Lee?

ANNE Yes. Hello

SARAH I’m Sarah Taylor. I’m your new local buyer. Pleased to meet you.
(they shake hands)

ANNE It’s very kind of you to meet me.

SARAH Oh. Sorry. This is my husband, Mark.

MARK Good morning. How are you?

ANNE Very well thankyou.

MARK How was your flight?

ANNE Actually, I’m a bit tired. It was a very long flight.

SARAH Let’s get your bags.

The three watch as the bags go around. Anne points.

ANNE That’s mine there! The red one.

MARK It’s heavy!

ANNE Sorry.

SARAH Don’t worry. Mark’s strong – aren’t you dear?

MARK No worries.

Come on. Let’s go to the hotel.

They leave the airport.

Episode 2. Enjoy Your Stay


1. Saying Thankyou - 2. Saying Goodbye - 3. The Future Tense - 4. Paying - 5. Formal Titles

Sarah and Mark take Anne to her hotel. She checks in.[/I]
ANNE Thank you very much for picking me up.

SARAH You’re very welcome. Will you be alright here?

ANNE Thanks. I’ll be fine. And thankyou Mark, for helping with my
heavy bags.

MARK Don’t mention it.

SARAH Alright then. Nice to meet you finally. I’ll ring you tomorrow.

ANNE Nice to meet you too.

SARAH Goodbye.

CLERK Good morning. Would you like to check in?

ANNE Yes please.

CLERK And your name?

ANNE Anne Lee.

CLERK Ah yes. Could you just fill this out please?
How long will you be staying?

ANNE Two weeks.

CLERK Are you here on business?

ANNE Mainly business.

CLERK Will you need a hire car?

ANNE No thankyou.

CLERK And will you need a map of the city?

ANNE Maybe later.

CLERK Will you want a newspaper in the morning?

ANNE No thankyou.

CLERK OK. And how will you be paying Ms Lee?

ANNE Credit card.

CLERK Thankyou. Here’s your key. It’s room 309. Enjoy your stay Ms Lee.

ANNE Thankyou. I hope I will.

Episode 3. What time is it?


1. Making An Appointment - 2. Can - 3. Will and 'll - 4. The Time - 5. Preposition with Time

In her hotel room, Anne rings a number.
John Barbour, the private detective, answers the phone.

JOHN Hello, Barbour’s Private Investigation. John Barbour speaking.

ANNE Hello. Can you find missing people?

JOHN Sometimes we can. Have you lost somebody?

ANN Yes.

JOHN Perhaps you’d like to tell me about it?

ANN Can I make an appointment please?

JOHN When would you like to come in?

ANNE Is tomorrow okay?

JOHN Let’s see… Yes, I can see you at ten o’clock. Will that suit you?

ANNE Okay, thankyou. (consults business card)
23 Mitchell Street – is that right?

JOHN That’s right. Second floor.

ANNE Okay. See you then. Goodbye.

JOHN Goodbye.
He puts down the phone and celebrates.

In her hotel room, Anne puts the phone down, and rings again.

CLERK Hello?

ANNE Hello. Reception? What time is it please?

CLERK It’s five o’clock.

ANNE And what time do you serve dinner?

CLERK The restaurant opens in an hour, and dinner is served between six and nine pm.

ANNE And breakfast?

CLERK Breakfast is served between seven and nine thirty am ma’am.

ANNE Thankyou.

CLERK You’re welcome.
Anne puts the phone down, then notices the photo by her bed and picks it up again. There is a tear in her eye.

Episode 4. Second on the Left


1. Asking Directions - 2. Present Continuous Tense - 3. Visiting - 4. Directions

ANNE is looking for JOHN’s office. A WOMAN is waiting
at a bus stop. ANNE approaches her.

ANNE Excuse me.


ANNE Could you tell me how to get to Mitchell Street?

WOMAN Yes. You’re going the wrong way. You need to go straight along here, past the silver balls, turn left, and it’s the second on the right, opposite the Town Hall.

ANNE Thankyou very much.

You’re welcome.
ANNE follows the directions. She approaches a shopkeeper.

ANNE Excuse me.


ANNE I’m looking for number 23. Barbour’s Private Investigator.

SHOPKEEPER Over there. Next to the trees.

ANNE Oh. Thankyou

SHOPKEEPER Good luck. You’ll need it.
ANNE enters the building and goes up the stairs. She knocks at the

JOHN Come in!
ANNE enters and looks around.

JOHN (to ANNE) Sorry.
(to phone) Yes, any time…yes usual rates. Must go now. Right. Goodbye. Julia. Bye.
He hangs up and leaps to shake ANNE’s hand.

ANNE Mr Barbour?

JOHN John. Private investigator. You must be Ms Lee. Please sit down.
She does so, hesitantly.

JOHN Now - what can I do for you Ms Lee?
She puts the photo of DAVID on his desk.

ANNE Could you find him for me?

Episode 5. Are you married?


1. About Nationality - 2. About Age - 3. The Numbers - 4. About Occupation - 5. Other Questions about a person

ANNE describes her brother to the private investigator.

ANNE Can you help me?

JOHN Well I’ll try. Now tell me about your brother Ms Lee. How old is he?

ANNE He’s twenty-three.

JOHN Well that would make him your younger brother. What’s his name?

ANNE David.

JOHN And what does he do?

ANNE He’s a student. Or – he was a student. I don’t know where he is.

JOHN (looks at the photo)
Hmmm. How tall is he?

ANNE About a hundred and seventy-five centimetres.

JOHN Hmmm. And does he speak English?

ANNE Yes. He speaks English and Chinese. Mr Barbour – can you find him?

JOHN I’ll certainly try. Now, tell me a little about yourself Miss Lee. Where are you from?

ANNE I come from Singapore. I’m Singaporean.

JOHN Right, and how old are you?

ANNE I’m twenty-five.

JOHN What do you do?

ANNE I import wine. I’m a businesswoman. I work in my family’s business.

JOHN And are you married?

ANNE No, I’m single.

JOHN you have a boyfriend?

ANNE Pardon?

JOHN Oh sorry. We private detectives are a naturally curious bunch. Ms Lee, perhaps you’d better tell the whole story.

ANNE It all started two years ago...

Episode 6. He didn't write


1. The Past Tense - 2. Regular Verbs - 3. Verbs ending in 'Y' - 4. Irregular Verbs - 5. Questions in the Past Tense - 6. Questions using WHAT and WHERE

ANNE My brother, David, worked in the family business too. But he didn’t like it. He wanted to try something different.

JOHN So what happened?

ANNE My parents agreed. They let him come to Australia to study.

JOHN Where did he go?

ANNE He came here, to Adelaide. He studied computer science. We thought he was happy.

JOHN And then what happened?

ANNE I don’t know. He wrote every week, and then the letters stopped.

Do you know where he lived?

ANNE He stayed with an Australian family. He was a boarder. Here’s the address.
She passes JOHN a piece of paper.

JOHN Did you phone them?

ANNE Yes, of course. He left there a year ago. They don’t know where he went.

JOHN Does he have a mobile phone?

ANNE I don’t know. He did, but he doesn’t answer it now.

JOHN Don’t worry Ms Lee. I’ll find your brother. I’m on the case.
He shakes her hand and she leaves. JOHN looks at the photo. Now he looks worried.

Episode 7. Come to Lunch


1. Going To - 2. Will - 3.Suggestions - 4. Days - 5. Prepositions Of Time

SARAH invites ANNE to meet her family.
SARAH and ANNE taste a sample of wine.

ANNE Mmm. It’s very smooth. Good flavour too.

SARAH It sells well in restaurants here. I think these’ll sell well in Singapore.

ANNE The samples you sent me were very popular with our staff. You seem to understand our tastes in Singapore.

SARAH Thankyou. It’s my job to know what my clients like.
ANNE seems distracted. SARAH observes her for a moment.

SARAH So, are you enjoying the city?

ANNE (unconvincingly)
It’s very nice.

SARAH What are you going to do tomorrow?

ANNE I don’t know. I’ll probably stay in the hotel and relax.

SARAH Why don’t you come to lunch with us at home?

ANNE Oh thankyou, but you have your family.

SARAH Yes, and they want to meet you. We’re going to have roast chicken – traditional Aussie food.

ANNE Sounds good. Alright, I’ll come.

SARAH Great.

ANNE What time?

SARAH We eat at about one-o-clock. So about twelve-thirty? I’ll show you the house.

ANNE Okay. Thankyou

SARAH I’ll get my brother to pick you up.

ANNE No that’s okay. I’ll get a taxi.

SARAH Alright then. That’s settled!